Monday, March 24, 2008


The ragweeds are some of the worse offenders to hayfever sufferers. They produce copious amounts of pollen, as can be seen by the swollen yellowish stalks of the Giant Ragweed below. They are weeds of disturbed areas, especially the edges of agricultural fields and unmaintained properties, but cannot compete with true perennials, including prairie plants. Goldenrod flowers at the peak of the ragwood flowering season, and since the green flowers of the ragweed are inconspicuous compared to the brazen Goldenrods, blame for the pollen is misplaced.
Pollen that is light enough to be windborn is released by green flowers, such as these ragweeds and many trees, while pollen that is too heavy to be carried on the wind is held in flowers with showy colors that attract pollinating insects.

Giant Ragweed

From 4' to 8' tall with large leaves

Common Ragweed
3' to 4' tall

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