Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Tiny Urban Prairie Garden

This tiny urban prairie garden consists of a small bed at the left that is approximately 5' x 6' and a planter that is approximately 2' x 10'.  The planter has the very fine texture of prairie dropseed grass flowing over the edge, a tall fluffy fine textured lead plant about two thirds of the way down the planter, and coarser textured plants like spiderwort, several kinds of prairie onion, prairie coreopsis, and cream wild indigo.  Shown in October, when nearly all flowering is done, the textures still make a showing.
At left, the small bed is filled with yellow coneflower, swamp milkweed, and prairie dock.  The dock has huge green oval shaped leaves from spring through late fall, and over them, slender graceful flower stalks sway, topped by bold round buds, brilliant yellow flowers, and later, round seed heads that attract goldfinches, for second show of yellow flash!