Thursday, July 19, 2012

Landscape Design Services

PlannedScapes Native Landscape Design

Karma Grotelueschen
Warrenville IL and Mineral Point WI
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Full residential and commercial landscape design services using plants of the prairie and woodland to create functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces.
Complete landscape plans, quick sketches that the homeowner details with plant lists, or consultation.
Plans for entire properties that coordinate function and aesthetics to single area plans.

Serving the western suburbs of the Chicago area and the Madison, WI and Mineral Point, WI areas.

Lead Plant

Lead Plant

Amorpha canadense

2' to 3' tall
Fine blue foliage

Purple blue flower stalks
Interesting seed pods into winter

Some winters, stems overwinter so the new growth may be high on the stem.  If this is not desired, cut the stalks back to a few inches from the ground in winter.



Tradescantia ohiensis

1 to 1.5' tall
early blue flowers that open in the morning and dissolve into blue drops later in the day
so plant where they will be seen in the morning

will stay open longer on cool days

Prairie Coreopsis

Prairie coreopsis

Coreopsis palmata

1 to 2' tall, fine delicate foliage makes it a good plant to interweave among other short forbs and grasses

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lake Redstone House Landscaping, Early Summer, Year Three

Landscaping for Lake House - Update
Lake Redstone, La Valle, WI
The front yard is entirely prairie plants with Happy Returns daylily edging along driveway
In early July 2012 after many weeks with no rain, the plants are slightly smaller than usual for this time of year, but thriving.  
This landscape was planted starting in fall of 2009. The area was divided into curving triangular shapes that were outlined with 3" plugs of plants that had strong structural presence, such as prairie dock and stiff goldenrod.  The shapes between the outlines were left bare of plants and mulched at first.  This allowed installation of the garden in economical phases.  
The internal areas of the shapes were then planted in 2010 thru 2012.
Signs from Wild Ones and National Wildlife Federation identify this as a natural landscape.